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Feedback from happy clients

“Wolfgang enabled us to get into the true value of our product and service for our customers, helping us to transform our sales efforts dramatically and growing the business 4x from the previous year. With the learnings from Wolfgang’s expertise, we expect the business to keep growing at the same rate if not more. We would highly recommend Wolfgang to any business which was looking to significantly grow their sales output!”
Jude Ower, MBE

Doram Elkayam, COO Obelis Group

"We worked with Wolfgang for over two years. During that time, he helped us improve our sales processes, refine our sales pipelines to a very effective level and coach and engage the sales team to lift their motivation and morale. We have seen phenomenal growth in deals closed during that period. He freed up my time and established a sales reporting that helped us stay on top of our commercial performance and sales forecasts. We’d recommend Wolfgang to any business that wants to improve its sales operation."

Graham Foulds, COO Plum Guide

"We have used Wolfgang’s expertise at various stages in Plum Guides’ development. He has helped us with sales management, sales processes and sales skills. Wolfgang was fantastic at learning about our specific needs and provided insightful observations and actionable advice. I can recommend Wolfgang to anyone needing help with their sales teams."

Lewis Taylor, Founder & CEO danger farms

"I got in touch with Wolfgang because his name kept popping up as a recommended sales coach. We wanted to create a repeatable, scalable sales process, but we didn't know in what form or in which areas. Wolfgang took the time to really understand our context and our objectives.
He helped to structure our sales approach, coached us on how to improve client engagements and was on hand for any sales related advice we needed. We'd highly recommend Wolfgang to any business looking to improve their sales function."

Ali Sanaei, CEO Cielocosta

"We worked with Wolfgang for almost 3 years during which time our revenues nearly tripled. His expert guidance kept us focused on our targets. Crucially, he helped us untangle the sales and marketing challenges that were holding us back. As a result, we now have much more robust sales processes in place and a strong pipeline moving forward."

Angela crouch, md resident Home, uk

"When I became the MD of Resident Home, I needed an experienced and trusted person to help me pitch to major high street retailers and advise on other business development activities. I didn’t hesitate to contact Wolfgang! With Wolfgang's guidance, I felt confident going into the pitches and having his senior support was essential for my business. I can highly recommend Wolfgang to any company looking for sales expertise."

CEO and FOunder

"+1 for Wolfgang, we've worked together on a couple of occasions, and I always come away with good new perspectives."

CEO and FOunder


CEO and FoundER


Senior Executive

"Thanks, Wolfgang - enjoyed the session earlier. How we use our voice effectively is becoming increasingly relevant in this age of Zoom meetings."

Senior Executive

"We had an amazing Q1 and a lot of it was down to Wolfgang’s help/energy/enthusiasm."

CEO and saas founder

"+1 for Wolfgang - he's great!"

Senior Executive

"+1 for Wolfgang. A serious and considered authority on the subject of sales."