Driving sales forward

Improving Sales Results

Clients hire me because they are unhappy with their sales results and believe they should be doing better. 

And they have often already tried to improve their team’s performance without success.

There is plenty of well-intentioned sales advice freely available, but what works for one company (or industry) will not necessarily deliver the desired results for your business.

I always analyse my client’s situation carefully before recommending a course of action. 

My guiding principle is delivering results. Finding (and removing) blockers or identifying accelerators to impact the performance.  

I have worked in sales and commercial roles for the past 20 years so I understand the pressures involved.

In my experience, there are three main areas contributing to an individual’s sales success: Attitude | Mindset | Skills.

I work with individuals and teams to improve their abilities across all three. 

My approach is very hands-on. I get involved in cold-calling as well as coaching sessions. I never ask anything of anyone that I couldn’t demonstrate myself.

I am not tied to any specific methods, what matters for the individual and the companies is results and I tailor my approach accordingly.

Driving sales forward

Sales Coaching

Solving sales challenges and elevating performance

Sales Workshops

When your team can’t close deals, it’s every cent you earn from minute one and the tens of thousands of dollars you could have made over the course of the year. When your team faces new challenges or needs a fresh perspective, our workshops can help. They serve as a catalyst for innovation, helping your team navigate obstacles and seize opportunities effectively.

The voice is such an important tool for any salesperson, but hardly anyone ever gets any formal training for it. 

It’s a sensitive topic because the voice is a very personal aspect of our lives and many people – rightly so – don’t feel comfortable exploring it. 

I have worked with Matthew Collins, former BBC presenter and voice coach to design training tailored to sales and commercial teams.

These sessions are fun, insightful and have helped sales professionals to use their voice more effectively. 

Individually or in team workshops, we explore the use of voice and how to use it more effectively in business.

Driving sales forward

Voice Coaching for Professionals

Driving sales forward

Sales Collateral

I used to be a buyer for a large supermarket chain before I moved into sales. Nothing frustrated me more than boring presentations or sales people who couldn’t articulate how their product would help me and my business. 

There is a natural tendency of businesses and their sales people to talk about themselves, their solution, their successes. 

That’s not wrong in itself, but if buyers don’t understand what’s in it for them, they won’t buy. 

That’s my starting point when I look at sales presentations, proposals and general sales collateral.