Case studies

established service company

Improving Sales Results

The leadership of an established service company felt their Sales and Marketing function was stuck. The sales team itself was demotivated, angry and distrusting of the management.

The CEO acknowledged the problems, but struggled to identify their root cause.

I spent time with the team to understand the full context of their situation. I also analysed the available CRM data. I then started to rebuild trust among the team and helped them to remove internal roadblocks. I facilitated a 360 feedback session in a safe environment. Gradually I turned the attention to improving the sales processes, giving the CRM much more attention and using data to improve the process and methodology. 

At the end of 2019 this team had closed around 190 deals annually. In 2020 they closed 322 deals and halfway through 2021 they have already closed 220 deals. The team is happier and more successful than ever. The company’s leadership is very optimistic about the future of the company and its growth potential.

The CEO of a fast-growing SaaS company contacted me to coach their Head of Sales.

The CEO wanted me to help this rising star to take his next career step and to guide him through the challenges of scaling a team. 

I worked methodically with the individual to understand his challenges and identify potential gaps in his development. I focused on the performance of his team as commercial success would be the foundation for his career growth.   

Within 7 months he was promoted to VP of sales and the size of his sales team had tripled.

SaaS company

Sales Coaching

SaaS company

Sales Workshops

A SaaS business was struggling with poor sales performance. Their problem was not a lack of leads, poor marketing, or an uncompetitive product. Instead, it was well-intentioned but ineffective team management.

To help them improve their numbers I designed a tailored workshop to encourage open communication among team members. On the day, the workshop began with light team-building exercises and a round of introductions. The participants were asked to work through a number of questions, individually and collaboratively, to find answers to their performance issues.

The insights from the workshop were used to make significant changes, and as a result, performance improved dramatically. The team achieved their strongest month in a year just three months later. 

The sales industry is full of tips on ‘what to say when’. There is a lot less focus on how to say it. For any salesperson, their voice is one of the key ‘instruments’ in winning a deal. Voice workshops help individuals to be more aware of how they (can) use their voice and the impact is has on others.

I teamed up with Matthew Collins, former BBC presenter and voice coach, to conduct workshops, online and in person. 

We go through activities to make sure everyone is comfortable and in order to explore the voice further. Observing others experimenting with their voice showcases that our own perception isn’t often how others perceive it. 

The increased awareness learned in the workshops has given participants more confidence in how to conduct themselves, which in turn has made them better salespeople. I had so much positive feedback from these sessions that voice coaching became a key part of my services.

SaaS company

Voice Coaching

SaaS company

Sales Presentation / Messaging

A successful SaaS company based in London with a 10+ sales team had recently introduced a completely new pricing structure which alienated and irritated their customers and prospects. 

The company’s leadership felt that their sales team’s communication was no longer reaching their buyers. 

I mapped the buyer personas, their objectives and what success looks like for them. I then worked with the sales team to create a Value Proposition, completely revamping the sales messaging, making the buyer front and centre of their communications, instead of the features of the platform (which they’d previously done).  

The new message made it easier for the sales team to reconnect with their prospects. After a few weeks, the deal numbers started to increase and subsequently they had one of their most successful quarters ever.