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business development - Driving sales forward

About me and my Work

I am an independent sales expert focusing exclusively on sales and business development challenges and my purpose is to help clients improve their sales performance.

These challenges regularly fall into one or more of the categories below:

  • What is the right sales & marketing approach for our organisation to get the results that we want?
  • Are we using the right technology/methodology?
  • Does our (sales) message land with our target audience?
  • Do we have the right salespeople in the organisation?
  • Do they need to be better trained?

Find out more about me here.

Helping businesses close more sales


Sales pitches are won on the promises you make.  
Sales growth is built on the promises you keep. 

Improving Sales Results

Finding and removing blockers.
Identifying performance accelerators.

Sales coaching

Working with individuals and teams to improve in three core areas for sales success:
Attitude | Mindset | Skills

Sales Workshops

Transform your team's potential with targeted workshops.

Voice Coaching

Helping teams and individuals to explore their voice and use it more effectively in business.

A history of experience

Case Studies

Almost all of my business comes from referrals. I will only get referred if my clients are confident in my abilities, so results matter.

Explore several case studies showing how I helped my clients in developing their sales.

Improving Sales Results

Fixing sales and marketing for an established service company.

Sales coaching

Coaching the Head of Sales of a fast-growing SaaS company.

Sales workshops

A SaaS business was struggling with poor sales performance.

Voice Coaching

Voice coaching gave participants more confidence and made them better salespeople.

Take your business to the next level

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Game Changing.

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